About Us

Blue Moon Web Design specializes in true value websites tailored to small businesses.

Who we are.

Blue Moon Web Design is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is providing customer-attracting web design to small businesses.

We believe this shouldn’t have to cost an astronomical amount, and that’s where Blue Moon comes in. We help our clients get that web presence they need without breaking the bank.

The Benefits.

Your customers expect a website in today’s day and age for a few reasons:

1. It provides social proof – if you sell products you can include ratings and reviews, or if you provide services, client testimonials on your site help influence potential clients.

2. You will show up on Google search results, increasing further the legitimacy of your business.

3. Never put the closed sign up again. A website provides 24/7 marketing for your services and the ability to always be selling your product.

Ready to get started?